Epee Point - Italian - Complete with Wire

Epee Point - Italian - Complete with Wire
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The Italian point (Schermasport) is considered around the world as one of, if not the finest point on the planet.

There are many lists of things you will need to know about this point to fully understand it before you attempt to use it.

  • There is no contact spring. You heard me correcty, none. The A-B short is set up totally diffrent to all other points.
  • The barrel is hardend stainless steel, it's almost "crush" proof. Here is the US, I am sure we can kill that idea though.
  • The blade wire is is copper clad steel. This is not your normal copper wire. You have to have some to a lot of experience working with blade wires to get used to this one. The wires tend to go everywhere they are not suppose to go when wiring a blade. Please note: copper clad steel blade wire are super tough, you need to be careful when handeling them so that you do not run a wire through a finger. This is how strong they are.
  • The screws are threaded at 7 rows of thread, most points are threaded at 3 rows. 
  • This is a point that when set up properly, will last for years and years with no adjustments needed - none!
  • The quality on this point is truly a 5 star rating!
  • The weight spring is made of true "spring" steel. They last between 6 to 8 months of normal use before having to replace them. No kidding!
  • You really need to have experience wiring blades or know someone before attempting this one or just buy a blade and let us do it for you. Not Kidding!
  • We recomend setting the point at 0.40 fire and 0.45 no fire to get that "special" glance off the jacket touch. Man I love that glance touch!
  • Yes, it is an FIE approved point (2008). Here is the FIE Homoglation Letter in PDF form: Click Here for all the na-sayer's that like to argue that is it not. It's in French, but works all the same. What does this mean? You can use this point anywhere in the world!
  • All the labor on these points are on the front end - meaning: there is a lot of upfront labor to get them exact, but once they are set up correctly, they are like that bunny for batteries, they keep going and going without any issues. Unless you break the blade of course, then we start all over with a new blade wire and use the same point on it.
  • Why do we call it the "Italian" point? How many folks can say "Schermasport" ten times in a row? We are trying to keep with the German or French and now Italian point theme.

Secret Sauce to this point: How it works!

On the above photo, notice the large outer metal ring in the cup and then a smaller center posts in the cup of the blade wire?. The outer ring is the "B" line. The tip "spring" rests on/around the "B" line side of the cup ring. The "spring" also rests on the base of the tip which is also the "B" line.The "spring" plays a vital part in the shorting process. When the tip is depressed, the center core/post on the tip ("A") line makes contact with the center posts of the blade wire ("A") line which gives you the "A-B" short. Confusing? It works! This is the "No Contact Spring" concept. Please be sure to use the weight spring when testing your point!  Get it? Got it? Good! Now let's all try to wrap our heads around this concept, it's hard at first, I know!

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