Epee' Tip Screwless - German - FWF - Master

Epee' Tip Screwless - German - FWF - Master
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Epee' Tip Screwless - German - FWF - Master

For Tip Only

From Manufacturer

Our screwless epee point is a completely new development. We have included our decades of experience in realizing this new product. The advantages of our previous system with a guide bushing made from special steel have also been applied to our new product. This structure gives the point tip a high stability against mechanical influences (punch or strike). After a year of testing in practical training sessions and competitions we can say that it is nearly impossible that the tip gets bent. The point tip can move smoothly. Also, the plastic insulation cannot flake off; hence bad contacts can be excluded.

The adjustment of the point is very simple. You turn the setting spring of the point tip until the spring touches the plastic ring. You then twist the point tip into the barrel. You can now test the setting of the point using a gauge as usual. Normally the setting should be correct. If this is not the case, unscrew the point from the barrel and turn the spring ΒΌ turn. Check again using the gauge until the setting is correctly adjusted.

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