Epee' Blade Wire - Italian

Epee' Blade Wire - Italian
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This is the blade wire to be used with the Italian Point

  • This is a "copper clad steel" blade wire. You should have experience wiring blades or know someone that is experienced before attempting to use this blade wire. The wires like to go everywhere except where they are suppose to go.
  • The construction is: Double insulated copper clad steel - super strong - careful note: this blade wire is strong enough to run through a finger if not careful.
  • At the base of the cup, there is an insulating sleeve to protect the blade wires at the base of the barrel. This keeps those nasty scratched wires from happening. See it in the photo.
  • We know this blade looks strange. Something from Mars kind of strange. Its works though. The best word we can use to describe it is: stout!
  • Cannot be used on the German nor French epee' point - promise!

Secret Sauce to the blade wire: How it works!

On the above photo, notice the large outer metal ring in the cup and then a smaller center posts in the cup?. The outer ring is the "B" line. The tip "spring" rests on/around the "B" line side of the cup ring. The "spring" also rests on the base of the tip which is also the "B" line.The "spring" plays a vital part in the shorting process. When the tip is depressed, the center core/post on the tip ("A") line makes contact with the center posts of the blade wire ("A") line which gives you the "A-B" short. Confusing? It works! This is the "No Contact Spring" concept. Get it? Got it? Good!

Sold in units of (1) blade wire

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