Epee' Blade - Leon Paul Electric

Epee' Blade - Leon Paul Electric
Brand: Leon Paul
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Leon Paul Electric Epee' This blade is manufactured in a unique way to form the worlds lightest epée blade. The blade is made from a special type of rolled steel which is hand made in small batches for us in Sheffield. The sheet steel is folded up on itself at an elevated temperature. In a normal blade the heating and forging process can introduce stresses and fractures and this is avoided in our method. The lightness of this blade does not mean that we have compromised on safety or durability. In extensive independent testing the Leon Paul blade has been shown to have 2.49 times less stress in the break area than traditional shaped blades. This is why on average it will last up to 5 times longer than other blades.

These blades just arrived and are not going to last long in inventory. All of them are that of a French tang. If you are using a pistol grip, you will need to cut the tang down to fit your grip.


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