Favero Scoring Machine Chip Replacement - Sabre Timing 2016 with Labor

Favero Scoring Machine Chip Replacement - Sabre Timing 2016 with Labor
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We do not have the "chips" from Favero yet, they are coming, this is just to inform you we will be getting them and the costs.


This is for the Favero Full Arm 01 through 05 scoring machines that need to have the 2016 "chip" replaced to comply with the new Sabre timing with labor.

The pricing is based on a per scoing machine by model. Meaning: if you only have one, only purchase one. If you are sending three, purchase three of the correct model number.

Here is how it will work, you send us your scoring machine(s). We will take them, replace the chip in each unit, put the updated sticker on the front of the machine and send them back to you.

Send them to:

Sword Masters West 900 Emily TRL. Azle, TX 76020

Please do not send them to our Shreveport address.

Please print a copy of your receipt from us and put it with the correct count/number of scoring machines you have paid for to have the chip replaced and ship them to us. Notes: If you want to insure your scoring machines to us, this is your responsability. If you want us to sign for them, again, this is your responsability. 

From the time we get them, there will be a two day turnaround time as long as we are not at a NAC. We then ship them back to the shipping address on the sales receipt you send with the scoring machines. Please note: this is the only address we will return them to

Returning them to you: at check out, you will be able to choose the carrier of shipping you would like them returned to you and how "fast" you want them/it returned to you.  You choose your own method and that is how they will be shipped. If you want to insure (insurance) the scoring machines or have them signature required, you can add this at check out as well. Please know, if they are damaged going back to you and there is no insurance coverage, we will not be able to help you. If you choose not to have it/them signed for (signature required) and the shipping carrier brings them to your home or club and leaves them and someone takes them, we will not be able to help you. On our end, it shows "delivered".

Any boxes that come to us that are crushed or damaged by the shipping company, we will take photographs of the box and its contents and send them to you at the email address on the sales receipt. If we receive a broken scoring machine, we will let you know by email or phone call so you can decide what you want to do at that point. Reminder: shipping them to us; you are the shipper, not us. Our hands are tied to what we can do. Also, please do not send us broken scoring machines at this time. This is to replace the timing chip only.

What we intend to do is: 

Take your Favero scoring machines, remove the backs, pull the old chip, install the new one and test the unit, put the new updated label/sticker on it and return it to you ready to go.

The price per unit is the costs of the new chip and the labor to install it. It does not include shipping back to you.

Just a reminder: be sure to put your Sword Masters sales receipt with the scoring machines. This has all the information on it we are going to need. If there is no receipt in the box, we have to put them/yours off to the side and you will have to wait for work on the others to be done before we will have the time to investagate who/whom these units belong to and locate the sales receipt on our end to have all the correct paperwork to start the process.

Thank you for your understanding


Sword Masters - Favero Distributor 


Tech Data Favero Full Arm 01: Click Here

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