Foil Blade Wire - German - PBT

Foil Blade Wire - German - PBT
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PBT Foil Blade Wire - German

This is the very blade wire we at Sword Masters use for all repairs and when we pre-wire any blades for consumer use.

The reason we like it so much is: The cup on the blade wire has a taller height than the standard German which keeps the spring more in place and it fits tighter in the barrel so that the cup cannot turn and break the wire.

When using this wire, you must sand/file the wire down to shinny copper. There is a clear film on the wire under the insulation that will keep you from making an B-C short. Make sure you have a clean exposed wire before connecting it to your socket. Also, this cup is tighter going into the barrel than a normal German wire. You need to use some type of point setter when putting it in place. It’s snug, but worth it.

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