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Aligator Clip
Aligator Clip, Mueller #27 ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Bayonet Plug with Cover- Negrini
Negrini Bayonet Plug is sold here with the cover. This is a very strudy connector, all most indistru..
Negrini 3 Prong Plug
Negrini 3 Prong Plug comes with cover. These are the best plugs on the market. Each wire is attached..
Pad - Leather Foil/Sabre Electric
Leather Pad Elec. Foil or Sabre has a cut out for socket connector. Finest thick leather. Super..
Plug 2 Prong Style - Favero
This is the new Favero plug design with 3 parts including the clip, held together with one screw. It..
Based on 2 reviews.
Plug 2 Prong Style - FWF
This is the FWF 2 prong plug with intregal security clip and clam shell case made in Germany. ..
Saber Pommel - Insulated
Saber Pommel Insulated ..
Sabre Blade - Dynamo Colored!
Dynamo Sabre Blade - S2000 compliant Y shaped blade. This blade is quickly becoming a favorite of fe..
Based on 2 reviews.
Sabre Blade -BF (FIE)  Maraging
BF  Maraging Sabre Blade Shinny Silver Coloring, S2000, Y Section Made by BF and is one o..
Sabre Body Wire - Bayonet - Leon Paul
This is a Leon Paul bayonet body wire. English made. ..
Sabre Body Wire - Favero
This is Favero's design of the 2 prong body cord. It has the super flexible copper wire with tinned ..
Sabre Body Wire - German - FWF
This German body cord manufactered by Uhlmann is said by many to be the best 2 prong cord on the pla..
Sabre Body Wire - Negrini Bayonet - Wire Stop
  Coming Soon! The Negrini bayonet body cord is two meters of the best body cord on the p..
Sabre Guard - Electric - Light
This is a premium electric sabre guard. Sold in units of (1), if building a complete weapon, will..
Sabre Guard - Electric with Connector
This is a premium electric sabre guard with an intragal 2 prong connector riveted to it! Supplied wi..
Sabre Guard - Electric with Sleeve
Electric sabre insulated guard with sleeve. ..
Sabre Guard - Practice
Practice sabre guard is the same great guard as our electric guard without the paint and socket. ..
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Sabre Handle - Plastic
Plastic Sabre Handle ..
Sabre Handle - Rubber - FWF
FWF Rubber Sabre Handle - Color Dark Gray ..
Sabre Mask Wire-Straight - Cable
Sabre Mask to lame' cord. Straight and clear in color with silver A-Clips We are using a "super s..
Sabre Mask Wire-Straight - Deluxe
Sabre Mask to lame' cord. Straight and white in color with silver A-Clips We use a 14 guage stran..
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Sabre Pommel
Sabre Pommel uninsulated. ..
Socket 2 Prong -German Style-Sabre
German Style 2 Prong Socket is constructed of brass or steel with chrome plating. Can be used for sa..
Bayonet Socket Sabre Leon Paul
This is the bayonet socket for Sabre made by Leon Paul ..
Favero 3mm Pin
Favero 3mm Pin This is the "SMALL" pin on a Favero 2 prong plug/end.  All Favero Pin's no..
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Gaurd Pad Felt Foil - FWF
This is a really comfortable thick (not the thin stuff) felt pad. Can be used for both foil and sabr..
Guard Pad Plastic - FWF
Plastic guard pad that can be used for both foil and sabre. Has the pre-molded cut out for the socke..
Sabre Blade - Shadow
This is a Sword Masters house sabre blade. S2000 "Shadow" We found this blade and at the first lo..
Sabre Pommel Insulated Super Heavy
This is a insulated sabre pommel that is super heavy.  Made from some really hard plastic an..
Based on 1 reviews.
Sabre Socket - 2 prong - German - FWF
FWF 2 prong foil socket. This socket is the standard that all others follow. FWF is the alpha since ..
Safety Clip - Foil - Sabre - FWF
Safety clip for all German style 2 prong plugs. ..
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