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As Armorer's ourselves, we have attempted to put together a group of tools that every Fencer and Armorer would love to own. Enjoy!

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Abrasive Spong - Fine
A Klingspor abrasive block is the perfect tool for cleaning all of the rust off of blades and bell g..
Combo Test Weight
Foil/Epee combo test weight is made of steel and slides together with the 250g piece going over 500g..
Die - 12-24
12-24 HS Steel Die for threading tangs for Santelli pommel nuts. TIP: You can rethread a tang that w..
Die - 3.5x0.6mm
3.5x.6mm HS Steel Die for threading the tip of a foil blade. TIP: To rethread a broken blade tip, fi..
Die - 4.0x0.7mm
4.0x.7mm HS Steel Die for threading the tip of an epee' blade. TIP: To rethread a broken blade tip, ..
Die - 6.0x1.0mm
6.0x1mm HS Steel Die for threading tangs with the common thread for most pommels. If you cut a bl..
Die Holder/Handle
Die Holder for threading dies. This die holder is for 13/16" round dies. ID of this die holder is..
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Favero Professional Fencing Test Weight
Weight 500g for Tester-A2 (checks conductive material). Made in stainless steel to avoid oxidation. ..
Favero Professional Fencing Tester
Portable professional electronic Tester , with rechargeable battery, for measuring contact and dispe..
$1,350.00 $910.00
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Foil Blade Wire Bulk - Twister Fencing
The is the foil blade wire all the armorers are hearing about. This blade wire is the best..
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FWF Expanding Mandrel
Expanding Mandrel for German foil and epee' bases/barrels. Got a barrel out of round? Tip keeps s..
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Husky Precision Screwdriver Kit
This is the best Multi Bit Precision Micro Screw Driver Kit that I have found. Item includes driver ..
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Inside Hex Wrench - Klein
Inside Hex Key for 6mm Nuts Featuring our one piece T- handle construction for extra strength. Th..
Mask Tester - Uhlmann
This is the world reknown Uhlmann Mask Tester. It is set at 12k of force and has the proper angle on..
Mask Tester Mandrel - Uhlmann
This is the replacement hardened steel mandrel for the Uhlmann Mask Tester. ..
Outside Hex Wrench
Outside hex key for 6mm pommel nuts - 8mm pommels OSD The actual outside hex wrench may be diffre..
Reamer - Epee Base
This is a HSS hand reamer just the right size for cleaning up the dents in those German epee barrels..
Reamer - Foil Base
This is a HSS hand or power reamer, just the right size for cleaning up those nasty dents in th..
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Screw Driver - combo
Screw Driver combo, Phillips, flat blade. Great for body cords, tightening down sockets ..
Shim Set - FWF
This is the German made shim set with two individual test shims, in a niffty leather case. ..
Shim Set - Leon Paul
Leon Paul Shim Set for checking the travel of your favorite epee. This is a single blade system. Has..
Shim Set - Negrini
This is a stainless steel two piece shim set made by the Itailan manufacturer Negrini. It does not h..
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Shim Set - Negrini Armorer
This is a set of shims designed just for epee armoring by Negrini. It has a 1.5mm, .5mm and .4mm shi..
Shim Set - Negrini Professional Fan- 7 guage
This is the most accurate shim one can buy.  It is made by Negrini and has 7 guages that c..
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Spaghetti Tube
Insulating Tubing for wires inside the bell guard for both Foil and Epee - Multi colors. sold by the..
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Tap - 12-24
12-24 HS Steel Tap for threading pommel nuts to fit Santelli blades. Not used much anymore, but w..
Tap - 3.5x0.6mm
3.5x.6mm HS Steel Tap for rethreading the base of a foil barrel, can be used for both French and Ger..
Tap - 4.0x0.7mm
4.0x.7mm HS Steel Tap for rethreading the base of an epee' barrel. Can be used for both French and G..
Tap - 6.0x1.0mm
6.0x1mm HS Steel Tap for rethreading standard pommel nuts. TIP: you can tap out a 12-24thrd pommel n..
Tester AND Practice Box FTT1!
This is the first of it's kind! The Favero FTT-1 is a combination of three different devices. First ..
Thread locker
Thread locking compound, The finest red/blue thread locker your money can buy! Prevents foil and epe..
Tip Tape - Sword Master
Sword Masters Tip Tape 1"x60yd. This is some of the best tape I have found. It will stay where you p..
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5MM X 6MM Open end wrench Foil & Epee
This is the perfect tool to have in any fencers toolbox. If you need to tighten or install a barrel ..
DEOXIT Contact Cleaner
For Foil and Epee Points - Keep'em clean   Cleans, protects, lubricates, and improves ..
Epee Blade Wire Contact Leveler
Do you have unlevel blade wire contacts? This tool will level them just by inserting the tool into t..
FWF Foil Point Setter
When wiring your foil blades using a German wire, this is the tool that insures your blade wire plas..
FWF German Epee Point Setter
FWF German Epee Point Setter To be used with the FWF/Uhlmann/Allstar German Epee blade wires ..
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German Foil Screw Remover
Have you ever had a foil screw that got smashed/smushed and could not get it out?  You ever wan..
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Lutz Micro Screw Driver
This is one cool micro screw driver. Fits: foil screws, epee screws - body cord/wire screws Ca..
PBT German Epee French Epee Blade Wire Setter
PBT German Epee French Epee Blade Wire Setter When you need to push your blade wire cup down into..
Shim Set - Sword Masters
Very basic shim set with a 1.5 blade and a .50 blade for testing epees. ..
T-Handle for Reamers & Taps
If you are buying a reamer or tap for your foil or epee barrels, this is the T-Handle that you put i..
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