Tool Kit Epee

Tool Kit Epee
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Over the years, we have been asked to make up diffrent types of tool kits for many reasons. This is a kit that is specific to Epee.

It was designed for both the Fencer and Fencer Parent to be able to make those quick needed repairs when ever and where ever needed.


Here is a list of what is included with the kit:

1. A (2) light weapon tester box - (wtester) - a must have to set a contact spring or weight spring

2. A shim set - (shimz)  also a must have to set the contact spring. Blades/Guages 1.5 & .5

3. A Lutz multi-purpose micro screw driver - (lutz) those screws! Need we say more?

4. A 750 gram epee weight - (weight) to test your weight/compression springs

5. A epee body cord/wire - (ebw) to use while testing your weapon - Parents: hold on to this one, its yours!

6. A open end wrench 6mm to tighten any loose barrels

7. A bottle of Zap CA 1/4 oz - (zapca1/4) for those nasty wire pop outs. 

8. A bag of FWF German epee screws - (gescrw) 10 count

9. A bag of FWF German epee compression springs (big springs) - (gesprg) 10 count

10. A bag of FWF German epee contact springs (little springs) - (gecsprg) 10 count

11. A inside or outside hex wrench to tighten your pommel nut, you need to let us know which one you use

12. A nifty vinyl bag to hold/keep everything in so that moisture cannot get to it like,,, sweat!


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